We understand that government policy has changed for Covid 19 and with it the ability/ease to provide proof of a negative Lateral Flow Test. Therefore, we have taken the decision to cease the LFT checks on the door. We do however request that if dancers are feeling unwell, (or even on the cusp of feeling that they might be going down with a ‘bug’) that you do not attend classes. For people who have booked in advance we are happy to roll your booking over to another date when you are feeling better, so you won’t lose your money. Just let us know and we will sort it out for you.

We sincerely hope all dancers will help us preserve an environment which is respectful and safe for each other. We believe that the best way to do this is for all attendees to secure a negative LFT test on the day of the class. We still believe this and encourage everyone to do so.

This policy therefore places the emphasis away from the organisers and places it firmly with the dancers attending events and classes. We have heard from many of you and the consensus seems to be that our community of dancers take this responsibility seriously and will take care of each other on the dance floor.

Hand sanitation remains available around the venue. We are fortunate that we can employ additional ventilation measures in an already large venue space.

We understand that some people prefer to wear a mask whilst dancing. This is fine but not compulsory. We respect everyone’s right to choose.

As part of the class, we will be dancing with multiple partners as that is part of the class structure. If you are uncomfortable dancing with multiple partners then please talk to one of the organisers before the class.