Hop The Hall For May 2023 – Friday 5th May 2023 from 8pm until Late

St Margarets Institute, 30 Polstead Road, Oxford, OX2 6TN.

Hop The Hall for May 2023 is this Friday. There is quite a lot going on this weekend in general (what with a Coronation and all), but Hop The Hall will definitely go ahead as normal. It is Oxford’s regular monthly social swing dance run by our friends The Oxford Lindy Hoppers. Every month on the first Friday, the various Swing Dance groups Oxford come together in Oxford. Just head to Jericho for a great Social Dance to start the weekend off. It is one of the longest running and most established monthly events in the UK Swing Dance Calendar. There will be DJs playing the best in Swing and a dance floor to keep everyone jumping.

Hop the Hall is an opportunity for Lindy Hoppers to get together in Oxford to dance and chat. Make sure you check out the refreshments table and keep hydrated with a cup of tea or squash. If you’re new to social dancing, this is the perfect place to get out on the floor in a relaxed atmosphere or listen to some great tunes played by our local DJs and occasional live bands. It is also a great way to meet other dancers fro the various class groups. It’s fun and informal.

Currently dancers are asked to bring your own water bottle. Taps are provided to fill them and there is tea coffee and Juice, as well as a pub next door if the need takes you.

How much does Hop The Hall cost

There is currently a No-Cash request for payments on the door. Tickets cost £5.

Oxford Lindy Hoppers are moving away from the manned desk system which enforces the checks, and are returning to the ‘honesty system’ that was in place prior to the pandemic. This will ultimately mean a card reader will be setup on the door and all you have to do is tap it to pay your entry fee.

You can also see photos from past events on our Swing Dance Summertown homepage. Join us at Hop The Hall for May 2023.
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