We will be posting the dates of our 2022 classes over the weekend along with costs. Please check back then for more details. Thank you to everyone who came along to our Taster Switch Class and don’t forget to leave us feedback as it helps us develop the classes to make them as fun and enjoyable as possible.

Date & details

We are going to start by running a Swing Dance Taster Class. 27th April 2022

  • 7:30pm until 8:30pm – Swing Dance (Lindy Hop) Class
  • 8:30pm until 9:30pm – Social Dancing

Address, directions & parking

The Cherwell School South Site, Marston Ferry Road, Oxford, OX2 6UX.

If you are approaching along Marston Ferry Road from Headington & Marston and heading towards the Banbury Road junction, the turning is on the left. Sign up on Dance Cloud https://sds.dancecloud.com/dance/31827

If you are approaching from Banbury Road take the turning for Marston Ferry Road and the entrance will be a right turn into the school.

Free class

This is going to be a free class run by Chris & Lucy to try out some of the new ideas they have been working on. It doesn’t matter if you are a Beginner or an Intermediate dancer, because this is about how you respond to things, and will help us develop a full course for dancers. We would love you to tell us about the class after you have experienced it to help us develop things further. All you have to do to come along is sign up (for contact tracing purposes) and come along.

Sign up on Dance Cloud. https://sds.dancecloud.com/dance/31827

Chris and Lucy Swing Dance Teachers in Oxford

Swing Dance Taster Class & Covid 19

We request all dancers to help us preserve an environment which is respectful and safe for dancers. Therefore we request that everyone who attends secures a negative Lateral Flow Test on the day of the class and presents evidence of this either through the ZOE Covid app or the official NHS app/email/text. Please note that commercially purchased LFT do not enable you to register the result on the official NHS app or website but the ZOE app does. As long as you record it on one of them, and show us the result everything is fine. If you wish to take a dated photograph on your phone and present this that is also fine. Please only bring the test strip itself as a last resort when all technology has failed and seal it in a bag if this is the case.

We understand that some people prefer to wear a mask whilst dancing and respect everyone’s ability to choose a level of participation that they are comfortable with. Therefore please do not feel you must or must not wear a mask, but if your partner is wearing one, please offer to also wear one out of courtesy.

As part of the class, we will be dancing with multiple partners as that is part of the class structure we are testing out. If you are uncomfortable dancing with multiple partners who have all presented negative LFT results then please do not attend.

One of the best preventative tools available to us is hand hygiene. We will provide hand sanitation and encourage all dancers to maintain good levels of hand hygiene during the class.

Whist we will not be asking for vaccination certificates as a condition of entry, vaccination is an essential tool in the prevention of Covid infections. Unvaccinated people risk putting themselves and others at risk on the dance floor. Please do not register or attend if your Covid vaccinations are not up to date.

By registering you are affirming that you abide by these conditions and do so subject to our privacy policy.

See you there!